Grosse Ile, Michigan
Close by -
but far from the Ordinary...

While still something of a secret, you can feel it:

Grosse Ile is the perfect place to live, raise a family, recreate, and relax in southeast Michigan
A unique island community enveloped by the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge,
Grosse Ile is historic, natural, and among the very safest places to live in Michigan

When considering what is important for your family,

A water-wonderland environment,
charming neighborhoods, excellent schools,
public safety or community spirit -
You will find it in Grosse Ile, Michigan!

Grosse Ile High School recognized for challenging academicsGrosse Ile High School Recognized for College Preparation Excellence

Washington Post places Grosse Ile H.S. on 2014 "Challenge Index" list.



Grosse Ile ranked as the safest place to live in MichiganGrosse Ile is rated as the safest City or Township in Michigan

...for communities exceeding 10,000 in population.


trenton library x160Trenton Veterans Memorial becomes municipal Library serving Grosse Ile.

Watch the Video. This marked the shift from County to Municipal governance by the communities of Brownstown, Grosse Ile, Trenton and Woodhaven. Learn more here...


Grosse Ile Parks & Rec "Channels" magazine Fall & Winter 2014-2015The Grosse Ile Township Parks and Recreation Guide for Fall & Winter 2014-15 now available. Read more...


Sugar Island lies to the southeast of Grosse IleGrosse Ile Township is composed of a group of islands situated at the juncture of the Detroit River and Lake Erie.

To see the islands of Grosse Ile in Google Earth, go here or select individual links below.

Calf Island is an 11 acre island just west of Swan Island and Grosse Ile. The island is uninhabited, except for small number of herons. It is part of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. Google Earth

Celeron Island (42°04′51″N 83°10′27″W) is an 81 acre island located about 0.25 miles west of Horse Island in the southern portion of the Detroit River near Lake Erie. It is the southernmost of all islands in Grosse Ile Township. Uninhabited, Celeron Island is technically four closely connected islands. Google Earth

Elba IslandGrosse Ile: Google Map (42°06′09″N 83°08′51″W) is a narrow 224 acre island just off the west coast of southern Grosse Ile. It is one of the four populated islands at the southern tip of Grosse Ile. Google Earth

Fox Island (42°06′22″N 83°08′29″W) is a very small 1.6 acre island about 1,000 feet off the west coast of Elba Island near the southern tip of Grosse Ile. The private island is wooded and uninhabited. Google Earth

Grosse Ile (42°07′36″N 83°09′33″W) (pronounced /ˌɡroʊs ˈiːl/), colloquially referred to as the “Big Island” or the “Main Island” to distinguish it from the township as a whole, is by far the largest island in the Detroit River at approximately 9.0 sq mi . While Grosse Ile Township consists of 12 individual islands, the largest of these island is commonly known simply as Grosse Ile. Grosse Ile is divided by the narrow Thorofare Channel, but the two segments are geologically the same island. There are several small bridges connecting the populated islands on the southern tip, but only Grosse Ile connects to the mainland by the Wayne County Bridge in the middle of the island and the Grosse Ile Toll Bridge on the northern end. The township as a whole is one of the most affluent and safest in the state.

Hickory Island (42°05′18″N 83°09′18″W) is a 132 acre island off the southern tip of Grosse Ile. It is the southernmost of the inhabited islands of Grosse Ile Township, and can only be accessed by traveling through Meso Island. Google Earth

Mamajuda Island (42°11′32″N 83°08′10″W) (pronounced /mɑːməˈdʒuːdə/), sometimes identified as Mama Juda Island, is located just east of the northern tip of Grosse Ile (Hennepin Point) and about 500 feet (152 m) west of the Canada–United States border. It is the smallest of all charted islands in the Detroit River, and only a very small portion of it appears above water during times of low water levels. The island is part of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. Google Earth

Meso Island (42°05′35″N 83°09′06″W) is a 121 acre island located about 200 feet off the southeastern tip of Grosse Ile. It is one of the four inhabited islands off the southern coast of Grosse Ile and is the least populated of those islands. Meso Island is separated by a very narrow 20 foot channel from Hickory Island to the south. Meso Island is also located about 1,000 feet west of Sugar Island. Google Earth

Round Island (42°05′32″N 83°10′01″W) is a 172 acre island off the southern coast of Grosse Ile. It is one of the five islands surrounding the southern coast of Grosse Ile, but it is the only of the five that is uninhabited. Round Island was once connected to Grosse Ile but is now separated by a 50 foot channel used primarily for docked boats. Google Earth

Stony Island (42°07′41″N 83°07′51″W) is an approximately 100 acre island located about 0.25 mi east of the center of Grosse Ile. Stony Island's odd shape and stony composition came from the millions of cubic yards of sediment that were dredged out of the middle of the Detroit River to provide a deep shipping lane for large freighters. Stony Island is uninhabited and sparsely vegetated. Because the entire border separating Michigan and Ontario is water, this shipping lane is the narrowest width of water separating the two at any point along the international border. Stony Island is 500 feet away from Ontario's Crystal Island. Google Earth

Sugar Island (42°05′29″N 83°08′39″W) is a 30 acre island located about 800 feet off the east coast of Meso Island. The island today is privately owned but has no structures, and is uninhabited. In the early part of the 20th century, Sugar Island housed a resort park and had a ferry service to provide transportation to and from the island— most notably the ill-fated Tashmoo steamboat. Google Earth

Swan Island (42°05′57″N 83°10′26″W) is a 58 acre island located off the southwestern tip of Grosse Ile. It is one of the four inhabited islands off the southern coast of Grosse Ile, and Swan Island is the smallest. Swan Island is separated from Grosse Ile by an artificial 75 foot (22.8 m) canal and is connected by one bridge. Google Earth